Finding a New Normal

Posted by May Thomas in Uncategorized

This summer has gone by quickly. So far it has varied from super busy to almost bordem. It has been a combination of alone time and family time. Unfortunately for a few months there was one stressful event after another, yet mixed in were some fun and good times. I went from not working or blogging to starting an exciting new venture. Ah, the dichotomy of life. All of this was going on while I was waiting for and searching for the “new normal” of my life with out my Dad. 

Turns out life has obligations that you are expected to fulfill no matter what. This included, making funeral arrangements and having the funeral. Next we found ourselves having to move and donate things of Dad’s to clear out his space in assisted living. Then Mom, my sister, and I found ourselves in the world of probating Dad’s will. All while grieving and dealing with major car accident involving my children resulting in injury and a trauma unit stay (but thankfully not life threatening), a death of another close family member, and health issues for Mom, my sister, and me. On the other hand I celebrated my birthday with friends,we had a wonderful family reunion, I had visits with my children and their fiances. Yes my son got engaged! I got to my cousins wedding, the theater, shore, Art Museum, and had other enjoyable times. 

So what is this new normal? Is there ever really a new normal? …Life just goes on and takes us with it!