World Cancer Day

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February 4th was World Cancer Day, a global campaign for all of us to unite to fight against cancer. Looking more closely at the USA, cancer is the second leading cause of death. Lung, colon, breast in women and prostate in men are the main causes. One half of all men and one third of all women in the USA will be diagnosed with cancer sometime during their lives. We have seen a decline in cancer diagnosis and deaths over the recent years. This is mostly due to cancer prevention, detection via screening, and advances in treatment. Also, decline in smoking and tobacco use, increase in  healthy lifestyle, and routine medical care with age and sex appropriate screenings have been contributors. 

Read past blogs for more information about age and sex appropriate health screenings and prevention. See your doctor for further discussion and recommendations.  May we come together as a nation to find a way to provide affordable health care and medications for all Americans. No one in the USA should be dying from preventable or early detectable and treatable cancer!